60+ Cute Dog Names

Getting a new dog or puppy is a thrilling time in your life, but picking a name can be a challenge. Of course, you want an adorable name for your precious animal, but it should also be easy to say and pronounce– especially if you have children.

Some cute dog names are inspired by food: Miso, Taco, Peanut, Waffles, and Cupcake are all adorable names for a dog. Other cute names have to do with other animals: Bear, Turtle, Panda, and Raven are good choices. More adorable names are Moshi, Boots, Button, and Roo.

Read on to learn about 60 cute dog names, including names for boy dogs, girl dogs, and unisex names.

60+ Cute Dog Names
60+ Cute Dog Names

Cute Girl Dog Names

While the lines between gendered names are blurring, there are still names traditionally used for females. Whether you have a girl dog or just like feminine names, here are 20 cute girl dog names.

  1. Sadie – Sadie originated as a short form of Sarah but came into its own as a full name. Sadie means princess and is perfect for a dog of any breed or size.
  2. Lola – Lola, Lucy, and Luna are all similar variations of popular girl names for dogs. There’s a reason why they are so popular, though– they are adorable!
  3. Mini – Whether you want the perfect name for a tiny dog or want an ironically cute name for a giant dog, look no further than Mini.
  4. Maisie – Maisie is a floral-sounding name of Scottish origin that means “pearl.”
  5. Pippa – Pippa, Pippy, and Piper are all adorable two-syllable names that start with P. The “P” sound is perfect for a dog to recognize even in loud situations. 
  6. Monroe – Famed actress Marilyn Monroe inspires this name, and using the last name as a first name adds a touch of cool to this glamorous name.
  7. Flora As the flora of the natural world, this name is elegant and beautiful.
  8. Opal Named for the precious stone with a million varieties, this name is perfect for a cute dog with a unique personality.
  9. Juno Juno is a sweet name for a girl dog and can always be extended to the precious “Junebug” when desired.
  10. Ginger Another Hollywood-inspired name, from dancing-duo Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, Ginger is a sweet-yet-spunky name for a female dog.
  11. Cupcake A name as sweet as the treat itself!
  12. Raven – One of the many names on this list inspired by other animals, Raven is the ideal name for a black girl dog.
  13. Button The saying “cute as a button” exists for a reason. This adorable name will delight everyone your dog meets.
  14. Poppy – Poppy is a floral-inspired name, and the multiple Ps give it a charming sound.
  15. Savvy – Short for Savannah, “Savvy” is a funky name that can also stand on its own.
  16. Roxie Roxie is a name that is easy to remember, easy to pronounce, and easy to fit any dog!
  17. Angel – For a sweet dog, Angel is an idyllic name, especially if your dog is white.
  18. Pixie – Like Roxie, Pixie is cute, but the X gives it an edgy flair.
  19. Lila – Lila is a beautiful name for a sweet girl, reminiscent of the lilac flower. Take the name up a notch by adorning your dog with a violet collar.
  20. Rosie – Like Lila, Rosie is inspired by a flower. Rosie has been a popular name for humans and will suit any type of dog.

Cute Boy Dog Names

If you’re looking for a delightful name for your boy dog, check out the 20 options we have below.

  1. Ziggy – Ziggy is an adorable name for a little boy dog and is especially well-suited for a French Bulldog or Pug.
  2. Archie – Archie Andrews is the title character from the Archie comics series, and the name has seen a rise in popularity since his first appearance in 1941. The name is perfect for a little pup with a warm heart.
  3. Finn – Finn or Finnigan is an Irish name that means “fair” is perfect for your new furry companion.
  4. Gizmo – Gizmo was the friendliest of the creatures, called mogwai, in the 1984 movie Gremlins.
  5. Yoda – Another film franchise-inspired name, Yoda, is the sweet Jedi master from Star Wars who helps many characters. If your dog is small and has big ears, Yoda is a meant-to-be name!
  6. Yogi – Whether you love the cartoon character Yogi Bear or you want to embrace your inner yogi, the name Yogi is perfect for a little boy dog.
  7. Leo – Leo, like a lion, is a name that hints at royalty and power. If you have a large dog with long hair, Leo is a great name. And if you are getting a Leonberger, it’s even better!
  8. Simba – If Leo is a little too literal with the meaning of “lion,” but you still want a feline-inspired name, then Simba is ideal. 
  9. Ranger – Whether you loved the Lone Ranger, the Power Rangers, or always wanted to be a Park Ranger, you should consider the name Ranger for your new boy dog.
  10. Boots – While the famous “Puss in Boots” was a cat, there is no reason to leave the name to the felines! Boots is an adorable name for any dog, especially a male dog of mixed breeds.
  11. Poncho – The name Poncho has just a touch of Mexican flair that makes it perfect for your rescue dog or chihuahua mix.
  12. Moshi – Moshi is an Aramaic name that stems from Moses. This name has just enough of an exotic touch that doesn’t specify any specific culture and is great for a boy dog.
  13. Mack – If you like more traditional American names, Mack is a perfect choice. Mack is short for Maximillian and is easy to pronounce, which is great if you have small children that will need to talk to your dog.
  14. Otis Otis is a name that found fame from the 1986 movie Milo and Otis, which stars a dog and cat who endure many adventures to be reunited.
  15. Milo – Milo, the other half of the Milo and Otis duo, is another adorable name for a boy dog. While Milo was the cat in the duo, the name is still perfect for a boy dog.
  16. Alfie – Alfie is short for Alfred, and changing the second syllable from the “Fred” sound to the “fie” sound makes it even more adorable.
  17. Rusty Rusty is another classic American name that is adorable for a boy dog. Whether you call your dog “Rust” or “Rusty,” you’ll have a classic, cute name for your pup.
  18. Cooper – Cooper is the perfect name for any boy dog, from mutt to purebred.
  19. Banjo – If you want your dog’s name to have a little bit of humor to it, then Banjo is the perfect name for you. The dual-syllable name is unique, so you likely won’t run into any other dogs at the dog park named Banjo.
  20. Bear – Bear is a beloved name for dogs that are dark-colored and shaggy, and the name is a breezy segue from your children’s beloved teddy bear.

Cute Unisex Dog Names

If you want a name that can be used for either a male or female dog, then you’ll love the names below. Unisex names are also great if you want to have a name for your future pet, but you’re not sure what gender they will be yet. Many of these unisex names share names with types of food, which makes sense, as food is genderless!

  1. Peanut – Peanut is one of the most adorable names for a dog of any gender. Peanuts are a delicious snack, and the word has a charming ring to it.
  2. Nacho Nacho might not come to mind immediately when you think of a name for a dog, but the Mexican-inspired monitor will quickly grow on you.
  3. Taco – If Nacho wasn’t the ideal name, but you like the Latin flair, try Taco for size. These names are great for dogs because they are catchy and easy for a dog to understand.
  4. Donut – A donut is a sweet confection and an adorable name for a dog. Donut is great for a dog of any size or color but seems to be especially well suited for a small dog.
  5. Miso – Miso is a salty paste created from fermented soybeans, and the paste is used in many Asian dishes. This flavorful ingredient is also an adorable name for a dog.
  6. Sushi Another name inspired by Asian cuisine, Sushi is a unique name for a dog that you (and your friends) won’t forget.
  7. Kola – Kola is like Coca Cola, but switching the C to a K makes the name a little less obvious. Kola is cute and sounds exotic.
  8. Parker – Parker is a name growing in popularity as a first name for boys and girls, dogs and humans. Parker is a great name for dogs as it has double syllables and the “P” and “K” sounds are easy for a dog to decipher.
  9. Scout – Scout used to just be for boys, but the name is welcome for females as well. Scout is perfect for a scruffy little dog and just begs to be paired with a handkerchief.
  10. Charlie A classic name that is short for Charles, Charlie is a charming title for boys and girls.
  11. Pepper – Pepper is a cute name, especially for a black or grey dog. As with Pippa and Poppy, the double “P” sound has a sweet appeal.
  12. Smudge – With a name like Smudge, you will encounter many “Oohs” and “Aahs” throughout your dog’s life. Smudge is a great name for a grey colored dog or any puppy with dark markings on its face.
  13. Waffles – Waffles is a favorite name for owners of small-medium breeds, like Corgis and Beagles. Unless you eat waffles every day, it’s a good name that won’t be worn out, so your dog will still recognize it as its name.
  14. Turtle – If you’ve never met a dog named Turtle, that’s an even better reason to use it for your canine. Turtle is a sweet name for a PitBull or other Bully breeds that tend to have a little waddle when they walk.
  15. Panda – Is it legal to name your dog after another animal? Absolutely! Panda is a perfect name for any breed that has marking around its eyes.
  16. Roo – Roo, short for “kangaroo,” was made famous by Winnie-the-Pooh, the beloved children’s novel from A. A. Milne. Roo is short and sweet, just like the character it comes from. 
  17. Mosey – Mosey is defined as a “move in a leisurely or aimless manner,” which makes this the perfect name for a slow-moving dog that likes to wander around the yard.
  18. Mickey – Mickey, like Mickey Mouse, is an adorable name for a dog. While Mickey Mouse was a boy, no rule says it can’t work for a girl dog, too!
  19. Biscuit – Biscuit is an adorable name that is like Cookie, but not as cutesy. Biscuit is a great name for a dog of any color and size.
  20. Echo – In Greek mythology, Echo was one of Zeus’ lovers who was punished by his wife, Hera, when she found them together. Hera cursed Echo and forced her to only repeat back words that were spoken to her. Echo might be a bit out there when it comes to human names, but it’s perfect for a dog!

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