65 Mermaid Names for Your Baby Girl

Having a baby is the most magical time of your life, and it just seems fitting that your baby has a magical name too. If you are fond of the sea, oceans, or just love the movie “The Little Mermaid,” you may be looking for some cute mermaid names. 

Of course, Ariel is the main mermaid name, but there are hundreds of other names that can just as easily be perfect mermaid names. If your little bundle of joy will be a little mermaid, you will want to have a variety of names to choose from as you begin your naming process. We are going to help you out with that. 

Mermaid Baby Names
Mermaid Names

Mermaid Names and Their Meanings


Ariel’s older sister in “The Little Mermaid.” Also, Adella means nobility or noble in Spanish. It can also be spelled Addela or Addella.


The name Aerwyna means friend of the sea in Old English and is British for ocean light. It may also be spelled Arwina or Arwyna.


This is the Hawaiian name for a gift to the gods and Arabic for a gift from god. It also means precious child or my child in Irish. As it is Celtic for beauty and Gaelic for little girl, it can also be spelled Alana or Elana.


This means everlasting one in Greek and Latin. Amara can also mean grace from God in Nigerian or African. Alternate spellings may include Imara or Amarra.


This is the Greek name for the caregivers of the fish. Amatheia is also Filipino for the nurses of fish. You can also spell the name Amathia or Amethia. 


Anahita means the Iranian goddess of water in Old Persian and Iranian. It may also mean heartbeat in Sanskrit Indian or immaculate or pure in Avestan. It can also be spelled Annahita.


Although not well known, this is another word for resurrection in Greek. In the Russian language, Anastasia also means one who will be resurrected. It comes from the name of a 4th century Dalmatian saint martyred by Roman Emperor Diocletian and also can be spelled Anastasiya or Anastacia.


Another of Ariel’s sisters. In Greek, it means strong and courageous or the joyful song of strength and courage. This is the female version of Andrew and can also be spelled Andrea or Andrena.


In 1911, Annette Keller was the first to play a mermaid in a movie. In Old English, the name means grace or favor, and in French, it can mean gracious or merciful. It is the French version of Anne but can also be spelled Anette or Annett.


The Latin word for water but can also mean the color blue-green in Old English. It is thought to mean queen of the sea in Greek, and it is Sanskrit for the warrior of the waves. Other spellings include Acqua and Aqwa.


Spanish for treasure, heavenly homemaker, and altar of heaven. It can also be Hebrew or Latin for the altar of the sky. Alternative spellings may include Araceli and Ariceli.


The original “Little Mermaid,” but this name actually means the lioness of God in both the Hebrew and German languages. It is also sometimes referred to as the Archangel Ariel from the Second Book of Esdras. You can also spell the name Arielle or Arial.


This is the Greek word for the best. In Latin, Arista also means harvest or bounty. Arista is the name of a star as well, often known as Spica. Arista can also be spelled Erista or Arrista.


Ashera is the goddess of fertility and motherhood. It also means she who walks the sea in Greek. You may also find it spelled Ashira or Ashirra.


Asia was the Greek sea nymph who was the daughter of Oceanus, the Titan god of water. This name also means sunrise in Greek. Asia is also the largest and most populated continent in the world. Some have also spelled it Azia or Asha.


These are aquatic fairies similar to mermaids, but they only come up once a century, making them very rare and special. They are related to Asra, which means travel at night in Arabic. You can also spell it Azray.


She was Ariel’s mother, the mermaid queen, and the Greek goddess of war and wisdom. She is also the goddess of Athens in Greece and the daughter of Zeus. Athena may also be spelled as Atheena or Ethena. 


Attina is another one of Ariel’s sisters. The word Attina is also considered a gift of god or a gift from god in Arabic and Greek. It is often spelled Atina as well.


It means water in Roman and a passage through the coral in Samoan. In Latin and German, it is thought to mean the voice of nature or birdlike. It is also the name of the mermaid from the show, “H2O.” You may also see it spelled Eva or Ayva. 


Bayou is a Louisianan name that means a slow, small river or stream. Also, from the Choctaw word bayuk. Alternate spellings include Bayoo and Byou.


Means one who brings happiness in Norfolk or the bringer of joy in German or Old English. Beatrice was a popular name in the 16th century due to Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing.” You can also spell it Betrice or Beatryce.


It is not just the color of the clear seas but the sky as well. Blue was popular as a name in Old English and in Germany in the 14th century. It is typically related to the color and can be spelled in many different ways, including Bleu and Blu. 


This is an Irish name that means a small stream. In African and Amharic, it means blessed. It may also mean one who lives near water in Old English. Another popular way to spell it is Brooke. 


A beautiful name that is also the name of a Greek sea nymph. It may also mean to cover or conceal in French. In mythology, Calypso was the nymph who fell in love with Odysseus when he was shipwrecked on her island. Other spellings include Kalypso and Callipso.


The Turkish word for flows like the water. It is a diminutive of Caroline and can also mean youthful in Old English and wholesome in Scottish. There are many spellings, such as Kari and Kerry.


As you might imagine, it means waterfall in French. In Old English, this means a fall of water over a cliff or a downpour of water. Also referred to as to fall quickly in French. It can also be spelled Kaskayde or Caskade.


Was the Greek sea goddess, wife of Phorcus, and daughter of Pontus and Gaia. She was also the mother of the Gorgons and Medusa in Greek mythology. This unique name may also be spelled Seto.


In French and Old English, it means to protect and hold dear. The name can also mean treasure in French and love in Latin. It most commonly meant something to treasure and was popular in the 13th century. Other spellings include Charish and Sherish.


These are the vibrantly colored life forms in the ocean. This name is derived from the French and Greek name Korallion. In Croatian, it means youthful and wholesome. There are many other ways to spell Coral, including Koral and Corall.


It means sea in Persian. Daria was a saint in the 1200s who Roman Emperor Numerian martyred. It is also the female version of Darius, which means possessing goodness in Greek. Alternative spellings include Dariah and Darria. 


This is the French name for dolphin and means Gift of God in African and Nigerian. It is also the French version of Delphina, which means womb. It can also be spelled Delfine.


A Greek sea nymph and the Greek word for divine, Dionne, may also mean diva in Arabic and Old English. It is the female version of Dion, which means of Zeus and a 4th-century tyrant of Syracuse. Other spellings include Dione and Deonne.


Her name means God in French and of the Lord in Old English. Dominique is one of the Norfolk mermaids. It is the female version of Dominic, which means of the Lord. You can spell Dominique in many ways, like Dominike and Domminek. 

Mermaid Baby Name


She is Old English for the keeper of the sea’s bounty. It also means Dorian woman in Old Greek. The Dorians were a Greek tribe in the 12th century BC. She was also a sea nymph and one of the children of Tethys and Oceanus. Her name can be spelled in various ways, including Dorris and Dorys.


A Hawaiian name that means the sea nymph of the brine may also mean beloved memory in Greek. In Greek mythology, Halia was from the Isle of Rhodes and was one of Poseidon’s daughters. Halia can also be spelled Haylia.


Jewel is known for its reference to a precious stone and is Old English for a precious gem. She is also a mermaid on the show “Mako: Island of Secrets.” You can spell Jewel in many ways, like Jewell and Juel. 


Kai is the Hawaiian name for sea or the victory of the people in Celtic. It may also mean ocean in Japanese. It is sometimes referred to as safe harbor or earth in German and can also be spelled Kye.


The name Kailani is thought to mean sea and sky or heavenly seas in Hawaiian. You can also see Kailani spelled Kaylani or Kehlani.


In Hawaiian, this means to float in calm waters, while in Old English, it means light. In Africa, it means soft hair, and in Kurdish, it can mean home. It is the feminine version of Alan, which means handsome or little rock. It can also be spelled Lanna or Alana.


One of the Norfolk mermaids and means lady of sorrows in Spanish. It also means wealthy in Nigerian and child of wealth in African. In Chinese, it means happy. Short for Delores, which means Mary of sorrows. Other spellings include Lowla and Lolla.


She was a German siren of the sea. It can also mean solid or rock in Celtic. In mythology, Lorelai was a maiden who lured boaters to the deep oceans with her songs—also spelled Lorelei.


Although Luna is the Latin and Greek word for moon, it also refers to the moon and sea connection. In mythology, Luna was the moon’s Roman goddess who drove a white chariot in the sky. Other spellings include Loona and Laluna.

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In Greek mythology, Maira was a sea nymph of the Erasinus River whose name meant sparkling. It is also a variant of Maria, who was a Portugal queen who began the War of Austria. It also can be spelled Mayra and Myra.


This is French for the defender of the sea. It is also the Spanish and Polish feminine form of Marcellinus, who was a pope from the 4th century. It may also be spelled, Marceline.


This is not just a place to leave your boat. It also means woman of the sea in Latin and Russian. In Japanese, some say it means truth or reality, while others say it means village. It can be spelled in many ways, like Marena and Maryna.


In Chinese mythology, Mazu is a water goddess who protected sailors. It also means mother or ancestor in Chinese. Mazu can also be spelled Matsu.


She is a Disney princess whose name also means a wide expanse of water or deep sea in Maori. The name can also be spelled in a variety of ways, like Mowana and Mona.


In Basque, this means seafoam or wave, but it is said to mean dolphin in Germany. Those in Greece believe it means water nymph. Other spellings include Nai’a and Nya. 


This is Japanese for the child of the waves or surfer child. It can also mean a state of equilibrium or well-balanced. Namiko can also be spelled Namyko or Namico.


In Austrian and Aboriginal, Nerida means water lily. But in Russian, it is thought to mean wildflower. In Greek, some say Nerida means mermaid. Another way to spell Nerida is Narrida.


This means water spirits who appear in human form in German and Norse mythology. Old German language claims it to mean mermaid or a mythological woman with a fishtail. It can also be spelled Nixy or Nicksi.


Ondine is the name of a movie and novel about a water nymph. It also means small waves in Greek and water fairy in French. It is the French variation of Undine, which means wave. You can also spell it Ondina or Odine.


This is one of the greatest oceans on Earth. Pacific also means tranquil in Latin. It is also the Roman form of Pacificus, which means one who makes peace. Other spellings may include Passific or Pasific.


She was a mermaid in “The Little Mermaid,” as well as a beautiful gemstone from the sea. In Old English, it means innocence or modesty. It is also the birthstone for June and implies great wealth and good health. It can also be spelled Pearle or Perlie.


Not just the name of a teenage witch, Sabrina is also a Celtic river goddess who drowned in the Severn River. In a story by John Milton in 1634, Sabrina was a water nymph. Sabrina may also be spelled Sabryna or Sibrina. 


Sequana is the Gallo Roman goddess of the Seine River in Celtic mythology. It also means fast-flowing one or a sacred river. The Gaulish variation is Sicauna. You can also spell it Siquana.


Although some say it means mermaid in Portuguese, Seria is also referred to as God’s gift in Hebrew or serious in Latin and Spanish. Seria is also a town on the coast of Borneo in Malaysia. It may also be spelled Ceria or Searia.


The seas come from the storms, and the ocean can be stormy or rough but beautiful. But according to the Austrians, it means brave and beautiful. In English, it is just thought of as a day of storms. Other spellings of Stormy include Stormi and Stormie.


She was thought to be one of the nine muses who presided over poetry or the blooming sea from Greek mythology. Thalia may also mean thunder in India. Alternate spellings for Thalia may be Thaleia or Thallia.


Any baby is a treasure, and this is a unique name for your mermaid treasure. Others say the name in African means valuable, and in Old English, it means saint or beauty. Treasure can be spelled in many different ways, such as Tresor or Trezure. 


Venus played a mermaid in the movie “Mermaids.” The name may be used in reference to the Roman goddess of love and beauty. In Latin, Venus means love or desire, and it means beauty and charm in Old English. Alternate spellings include Veenus or Venuz. 


Vivian is a Latin name meaning lively. Saint Vivian was a French bishop who protected many during an invasion in the 5th century. In Old English, it may mean a gift of life or full of life. The Roman version is energetic and curious. You can also spell it Viviane or Vivane.  


Xylie was a mermaid in the movie “Mermaid Tale.” The name is also a form of Xylia, which means nature’s gift or from the woods in Arabic. It may also be spelled Zylie.


This stunning name is another word for white wave in Celtic. It also means family or kin in Latin. Other ways to spell Zenevia are Zanivia and Sanivia.


The name Zimra means a song of praise in Hebrew. She was also a princess of the sea in Greek mythology and folklore. You can also spell this name Simra. 

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No matter which name you choose, your little mermaid will surely be a blessed water baby. Even if you do not live near the sea or ocean, or even a lake, there is no reason why your new little one cannot have a mermaid name. After all, it is up to you. 


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