Swedish Names – Common Swedish Male / Female / Last Names

Sweden sits between Norway and Finland, squarely within the Scandinavian region. It consists of several tidal cities and island communities that are connected via bridges. Generally, Sweden’s climate is very cool. 

Swedish names are names that are typical found in Sweden. In Swedish, the first names precede the surname or surnames. First names are also called baptismal names and one or more are used as first names. The most common name for women in Sweden is Anna and for men it is Lars.

Much of Swedish culture and history is based around fishing, exploration, and self-sustainability. Consequently, the Swedish people are known for their humility and peaceful policies.

Below you will find lists of some of the most common female, male and last names in Sweden.

Common Swedish Names
Common Swedish Names

Common Names in Sweden

About 10 million people live in Sweden, so naturally some first names are bound to get repeated. The most common first names among Swedish citizens include Anna for women and Lars for men. 

Generally, the most common Swedish names among the people in Sweden are:

  • Anna
  • Eva
  • Maria
  • Karin
  • Kristina
  • Lars
  • Mikael
  • Anders
  • Johan
  • Erik

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Many of these names come from Hebrew names or words, though some come from Latin and Greek first names or titles. As such, it’s not a stretch to say that Sweden’s most common names show signs of significant and long-term Western influence.

For example, the massive population of Annas and Mikaels would not be possible had it not been for the Christianization of Scandinavia and the spread of the Latin alphabet. Still, it is somewhat surprising to see such old influences continuing to hold sway today, especially given that many Nordic nations are fervently proud of their history and paganistic pasts.

To understand Sweden’s truly Nordic names, you may need to dig deep into its cultural emergence. Some of the oldest Swedish names, for example, include phrases that are now extinct in the modern Swedish language.

Old Names in Sweden

Old Swedish descended from a subtype of Old Norse, and there are tons of Old Swedish names that display this Nordic connection. Let’s explore some examples of Old Swedish names that aren’t as popular nowadays as they were in ancient times. 

For example, three Old Swedish names that are worth a second look include:

  • Afridh
  • Hjälm
  • Järl

The third name, Järl, was the title given to royal patriarchs in Sweden during medieval times. As a first name, it probably didn’t enter into existence until well into the 14th century. That’s because Swedish royalty was still using this title up until the late 1200s. 

When the last Swedish Järl died in 1266, Swedish families may have started to covertly name their sons Järl in honor of the extinct Nordic royal namesake.

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Female Names in Sweden

Some trends continue to hold, including the name ‘Anna’ for females. It’s currently the most common name for women and girls in Sweden, and it’s also a popular Swedish baby name for female infants. 

The five most common female names in Sweden are:

  • Anna
  • Eva
  • Maria
  • Karin
  • Kristina

Anna, the most common female name in Sweden, has Greek and Hebrew origins. It most nearly means “grace” or “beauty.” Eva also has Hebrew origins and is often anglicized or Latinized to Eve. Maria is another form of Mary and yet another name with Hebrew beginnings.

Overall, Karin might be the most Nordic of all these feminine names. That’s a bit sad, especially when you consider that Karin comes from Katherine, a name with Greek origins. Still, Western names seem to have been popular in Sweden for many years now.

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Male Names in Sweden

When tracking the changes in naming trends in a specific country, it’s crucial to observe all types of names. Interestingly, Sweden seems to have seen a difference in boys’ names over the last several years. 

While Lars and Mikael have been longtime favorites of the Swedish population, Lucas and Liam are quickly giving those more common names a run for their money. The most popular boys’ names in Sweden (in descending order of popularity) are:

  • Lucas
  • Liam/William
  • Elias
  • Noah
  • Hugo

None of these names have distinctly Nordic origins, which may change how future generations view Sweden and common Swedish names. Generally, most of these names are derived from Hebrew names and words as well as Latin names and expressions.

The name William comes from various cultures and languages, including Proto-Germanic, Old French, and Old English. Out of all the above boys’ names, Hugo may have the closest ties to Old Norse. It is an old Germanic name meaning “mind”.

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Last Names in Sweden

Like many other Nordic countries, Sweden has a history of using a patronymic naming system. This means that children were given unique surnames that were based on their father’s first name as well as their gender. 

For example, a Nordic man named Erik that had a son might name that child Agmunðr (roughly meaning “hand of terror”), but the child’s full name would be Agmunðr Eriksson. If Erik’s child were a girl, the surname would become Eriksdotter. 

In the 1800s, Sweden’s tradition of patronymic naming ended. Families generally decided to adopt a singular family name. Curiously, these families unanimously opted for the masculine patronymic versions of their names, resulting in virtually zero Swedish surnames ending with “dotter”.

Still, due to this commonality, we can easily measure and address the most common Swedish surnames, which are:

  • Andersson
  • Johansson
  • Karlsson
  • Nilsson
  • Eriksson
  • Etc. See complete list below.

You can use these surnames’ widespread nature to gauge previous naming trends, as each one of these last names corresponds to a time with patronymic naming reigned. For example, the prevalence of the surname Andersson says that the first name Anders was prevalent in the past.

100 Most Common Swedish Female Names

RankFemale NamesCount
 1Anna100 259
 2Eva85 432
 3Maria85 164
 4Karin65 183
 5Sara58 174
 6Kristina57 931
 7Lena56 854
 8Emma50 854
 9Kerstin48 029
 10Marie41 077
 11Malin40 433
 12Ingrid40 398
 13Jenny39 837
 14Hanna38 446
 15Linda38 313
 16Annika38 271
 17Susanne37 627
 18Elin37 619
 19Monica37 256
 20Birgitta37 172
 21Sofia35 382
 22Johanna34 334
 23Inger34 319
 24Carina32 867
 25Elisabeth31 884
 26Julia31 450
 27Ulla30 588
 28Katarina29 519
 29Linnéa29 512
 30Emelie28 883
 31Ida28 803
 32Helena27 559
 33Camilla27 218
 34Åsa27 047
 35Anette27 027
 36Sandra26 244
 37Gunilla25 740
 38Anita25 340
 39Maja25 048
 40Marianne24 963
 41Margareta24 866
 42Amanda24 545
 43Anneli24 451
 44Therese24 173
 45Ann24 117
 46Josefin23 878
 47Cecilia23 502
 48Jessica23 326
 49Helen23 123
 50Lisa22 316
 51Matilda21 985
 52Caroline21 955
 53Alice21 792
 54Frida21 778
 55Ulrika21 457
 56Elsa21 343
 57Barbro21 049
 58Siv20 391
 59Rebecca19 400
 60Madeleine19 386
 61Klara19 172
 62Ebba19 102
 63Sofie18 400
 64Isabelle17 994
 65Agneta17 987
 66Gun17 686
 67Wilma17 422
 68Lina17 349
 69Berit17 311
 70Pia16 993
 71Ella16 707
 72Ellen16 099
 73Yvonne15 960
 74Louise15 906
 75Astrid15 860
 76Moa15 662
 77Olivia15 654
 78Nathalie15 479
 79Mona15 473
 80Agnes15 341
 81Emilia15 340
 82Alexandra15 310
 83Alva15 277
 84Britt15 237
 85Erika15 216
 86Viktoria15 215
 87Ann-Christin14 971
 88Felicia14 669
 89Ann-Marie13 951
 90Sonja13 291
 91Britt-Marie13 208
 92Pernilla13 177
 93Lovisa13 074
 94Charlotte12 757
 95Linn12 635
 96Gunnel12 547
 97Nina12 397
 98Mikaela12 224
 99Karolina12 209
 100Lisbeth12 165
SCB: March 2021

100 Most Common Swedish Male Names

RankMale NamesCount
 1Lars83 396
 2Mikael79 760
 3Anders76 856
 4Johan74 652
 5Erik65 824
 6Per64 294
 7Peter62 207
 8Karl60 784
 9Thomas60 712
 10Jan58 242
 11Daniel57 654
 12Fredrik54 569
 13Andreas45 564
 14Hans45 278
 15Stefan44 942
 16Mohamed44 825
 17Mats43 011
 18Marcus42 860
 19Mattias41 894
 20Magnus41 667
 21Jonas41 057
 22Oskar40 856
 23Alexander40 473
 24Niklas39 774
 25Bengt39 684
 26Martin39 183
 27Bo37 713
 28Nils36 223
 29Viktor35 501
 30Patrik35 343
 31Björn34 767
 32David33 372
 33Leif33 128
 34Filip32 924
 35Henrik32 793
 36Joakim32 350
 37Emil32 013
 38Christer31 862
 39Ulf31 597
 40Sven31 355
 41Simon31 121
 42Christoffer29 709
 43Anton28 776
 44Gustav27 928
 45Robert27 893
 46Christian27 732
 47William27 729
 48Tommy27 549
 49Kjell26 880
 50Lucas26 753
 51Rickard25 937
 52Håkan25 526
 53Adam24 701
 54Göran24 681
 55Jakob23 619
 56Jonathan23 410
 57Rolf23 345
 58Lennart23 127
 59Robin23 073
 60Sebastian23 016
 61Elias22 619
 62Tobias22 241
 63John21 357
 64Stig20 837
 65Axel20 536
 66Linus20 046
 67Oliver19 720
 68Kent19 363
 69Hugo19 044
 70Isak18 738
 71Roger18 601
 72Jesper17 527
 73Claes17 378
 74Albin17 084
 75Ludvig16 540
 76Jörgen16 434
 77Rasmus16 420
 78Max16 008
 79Ali15 999
 80Jimmy15 798
 81Kenneth15 452
 82Joel15 363
 83Gunnar14 854
 84Dennis14 747
 85Josef14 690
 86Johnny14 512
 87Olle14 105
 88Liam14 096
 89Leo13 836
 90Olof13 814
 91Pontus13 367
 92Åke13 345
 93Kurt12 990
 94Kevin12 976
 95Samuel12 812
 96Edvin12 405
 97Gabriel12 394
 98Torbjörn12 380
 99Arvid12 371
 100Felix12 255
Source: SCB, 2020: Most common Male Names

100 Most Common Swedish Last Names

RankLast NameCount
 1Andersson224 669
 2Johansson223 196
 3Karlsson199 027
 4Nilsson153 251
 5Eriksson134 683
 6Larsson113 096
 7Olsson101 961
 8Persson96 344
 9Svensson90 221
 10Gustafsson88 272
 11Pettersson85 760
 12Jonsson67 432
 13Jansson45 179
 14Hansson39 948
 15Bengtsson31 214
 16Jönsson28 379
 17Lindberg26 935
 18Jakobsson25 435
 19Magnusson24 850
 20Olofsson24 216
 21Lindström24 158
 22Lindqvist22 324
 23Lindgren22 052
 24Berg21 453
 25Axelsson21 445
 26Bergström20 594
 27Lundberg20 504
 28Lind20 284
 29Lundgren19 847
 30Lundqvist19 512
 31Mattsson18 749
 32Berglund18 535
 33Fredriksson17 511
 34Sandberg17 300
 35Henriksson16 735
 36Forsberg16 237
 37Sjöberg16 099
 38Ali15 969
 39Wallin15 806
 40Mohamed15 639
 41Engström15 224
 42Eklund14 974
 43Danielsson14 708
 44Lundin14 647
 45Håkansson14 350
 46Björk14 086
 47Bergman14 012
 48Gunnarsson13 913
 49Holm13 790
 50Wikström13 702
 51Samuelsson13 522
 52Isaksson13 376
 53Fransson13 258
 54Bergqvist13 162
 55Nyström12 956
 56Holmberg12 818
 57Arvidsson12 705
 58Löfgren12 555
 59Söderberg12 357
 60Nyberg12 282
 61Blomqvist12 157
 62Claesson11 949
 63Nordström11 887
 64Ahmed11 768
 65Mårtensson11 578
 66Lundström11 419
 67Hassan11 267
 68Viklund11 226
 69Björklund11 140
 70Eliasson11 107
 71Pålsson10 984
 72Berggren10 968
 73Sandström10 632
 74Lund10 502
 75Nordin10 483
 76Ström10 211
 77Åberg10 191
 78Falk10 103
 79Ekström10 079
 80Hermansson10 064
 81Holmgren9 865
 82Hellström9 739
 83Dahlberg9 732
 84Hedlund9 696
 85Sundberg9 593
 86Sjögren9 586
 87Ek9 447
 88Blom9 396
 89Abrahamsson9 223
 90Martinsson9 201
 91Öberg9 192
 92Andreasson8 942
 93Strömberg8 866
 94Månsson8 839
 95Hansen8 656
 96Åkesson8 638
 97Dahl8 568
 98Lindholm8 536
 99Norberg8 514
 100Holmqvist8 473
Source: SCB, by March 2021: Most Common Last Names

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Summary of Swedish Names

Today, many of the Swedish Names in existence came to Sweden during the period of Christianity or have a rich tradition from centuries ago. The most common Swedish name for a female is Anna and for a male it is Lars. The most common Last Name in Sweden is Andersson.


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