PAW Patrol Names

Are you trying to stay hip with the pre-school and kindergarten crowd? If you answered yes, then learning the names of Nickelodeon’s PAW Patrol™ characters is a sure-fire way to be respected by anyone who is under seven years old. If you’re not familiar with PAW Patrol, you may be wondering what the names of the main characters are. 

The PAW Patrol consists of one boy named Ryder and his rescue pups: 

  • Chase
  • Marshall
  • Rocky
  • Rubble
  • Skye
  • Zuma

There are a multitude of other characters, but these are the primary characters that have made the television show so popular. 

If you are interested in learning the rest of the names of the PAW Patrol characters and a little bit about each one of them, continue reading this article so you can stay up-to-date on your child’s favorite show. 

PAW Patrol Names
PAW Patrol Names

PAW Patrol – The Main Idea

If you are looking for a friendly place where almost everyone gets along and there are adventures around every corner, look no further. Adventure Bay and the PAW Patrol™ are waiting for you to join their team to help keep Adventure Bay a happy and safe for everyone. 

PAW Patrol is a great show for young children. It teaches some of the following qualities

  • Acceptance of others
  • Fairness
  • Hard work
  • Honesty
  • Kindness
  • Teamwork

Story Line

Ryder and his fun-loving rescue pups encounter new adventures and problems to solve every day. There is never a dull moment in Adventure Bay. 

The PAW Patrol protects and helps the citizens of Adventure Bay when there are problems that they can’t handle on their own. 

Thanks to Ryder’s high-tech gadgets, the citizens of Adventure Bay can call the PAW Patrol whenever they are in need of help. 

Ryder and the rescue pups meet at a headquarters where the pups get suited up for duty and briefed on their missions. 

From time to time, the PAW Patrol will venture outside of Adventure Bay to solve problems in the following places: 

  • Barkingburg 
  • Dino Wild
  • Foggy Bottom
  • The Jungle
  • The Mountains

Each member of the PAW Patrol has a rescue vehicle with specialized tools that help them get the job their specific job done. 

When the PAW Patrol has to go on a group mission outside of Adventure Bay, they take multiple vehicles that perform various tasks. The type of emergency they are responding to will determine which vehicle they need to take.  

Each vehicle has enough room for the PAW Patrol and their personal rescue vehicles as well. 

  • They have the following options for vehicles to take as a group: Air Patroller
  • Dino Patroller
  • Mighty Jet
  • PAW Patroller
  • PAW Terrain Vehicle
  • Pirate Patroller
  • Sea Patroller
  • Sub Patroller

The PAW Patrol – Main Members

With so many great characters, it may be difficult to remember everyone’s name and the role that they play. The following list gives the names of the main PAW Patrol characters. Here’s the roll call: 


This spunky little police dog is always ready to help direct traffic, track down a missing item, person, or animal, and above all, is on the lookout for everyone’s safety. 


Marshall is a somewhat clumsy yet fun-loving fire dog that is always ready to help get the job done. Not only is he Adventure Bay’s number one fire dog, but he is also a medic, always on the lookout for anyone who needs help. 


Without Rocky, there would be a lot of waste in Adventure Bay. Rocky is the best at repurposing items and repairing things for the community. 


If you need some heavy lifting done, then Rubble is the pup for the job. He is helpful on the job site and great at tearing things down too! 


The ring leader. Ryder is the little boy who created the PAW Patrol and is in charge of making sure everything runs smoothly. He is all about teamwork and helping others with a smile. 


Have you ever seen a pup with wings? Well, look no further. This little pup has her own aircraft that allows her to perform aerial rescues and spot things on the ground from high above. If you ever need to get across Adventure Bay fast, Skye is the gal to get the job done. 


Zuma is a laid-back pup who is all about the water and keeping those who are in it safe from any dangers. He is always willing to help and does his best to make Ryder proud. Have you ever seen a chocolate lab drive a hover boat? 

Secondary Members of the PAW Patrol

This list consists of secondary members of the PAW Patrol that have been added throughout the progression of the show: 

Cap’n Turbot

This goofy marine biologist is one of the most frequent callers to the PAW Patrol. He always seems to be getting himself into a pickle, but one way or another, Ryder and his rescue pups always seem to get the job done. 


This fun-loving mountain dog gets her kicks in the snow with her friend Jake. She loves to help Ryder and the PAW Patrol any chance she gets. 


In the land of Dino Wild, Rex is known as somewhat of a dino-whisperer. No one can communicate with the dinosaurs like he can. Rex has a set of wheels to help him walk, and despite his disabilities, he helps dinosaurs when they are in need.  He is a great example of perseverance and kindness. 


Ryder and Rocky are the creators and one’s in charge of keeping Robo-Dog in tip-top condition. He was designed to drive the PAW Patrol’s vehicles and help out when needed.  Be careful that his antenna doesn’t break, or he could accidentally destroy the town. 

Tuck and Ella

These twin pups are determined to keep Lady Bird from stealing. They love to play and help people who are in trouble. 

Wild Cat

The first cat to be a part of the PAW Patrol. He is a famous stunt kitty who does tricks on his bicycle. He is arch-enemies with the Ruff-Ruff pack, but he became friends with the PAW Patrol when he came to perform in Adventure Bay. 

Other Characters that Frequent PAW Patrol

While Ryder and his rescue pups may be the stars of the show, the following characters pull the stories together and give the Paw Patrol a reason to stay in business. These quirky characters never have a dull moment. 

Alex Porter

Mr. Porter’s grandson is anxious to be a part of the PAW Patrol but is still a little too young. He tends to get himself into some tricky predicaments while he is trying to show the PAW Patrol that he is old enough to be a part of the gang. 


This is Katie’s spoiled kitty who sometimes gets into trouble with her sneaky antics. She is also a little bit on the clumsy side like Marshall. 


Carlos lives in the Jungle with Tracker. They take care of the island and all of its creatures.  


Mayor Goodway’s pet chicken, Chickaletta, goes everywhere the Mayor goes. 

Farmer Al and Farmer Umi

These local farmers need help from the PAW Patrol on occasion. 

Francois Turbot

Francois is Cap’n Turbot’s French cousin. 


This character lives in the mountains with Everest and helps the PAW Patrol from time to time. 


She is the local veterinarian and groomer. Whenever the PAW Patrol has a member that is not feeling well or needs a good scrubbing, they call Katie. 

Lady Bird

Lady Bird is a villain who likes to steal things that don’t belong to her. Tuck and Ella are always on her trail, trying to foil her evil plans. 

Mayor Goodway

Ms. Goodway is the cheerful yet slightly dramatic mayor of Adventure Bay. She never goes anywhere without her pet chicken. 

Mayor Humdinger

In contrast, Mr. Humdinger is the pessimistic Mayor of Foggy Bottom and a constant rival of Adventure Bay. He and his naughty kitties are always trying to throw a wrench in Mayor Goodway’s plans so he can prove that Foggy Bottom is better. 

Mr. Porter

Adventure Bays local grocer and produce man, has a busy job of keeping the town stocked and watching his very active grandson Alex. 


Sweetie is a very spoiled, trouble-making pup that belongs to the Princess of Barkingburg. She even tried to steal the crown from the princess with the PAW Patrol’s Air Patroller.  

The Kitten Catastrophe

This group of diabolical kitties is always up to no good, thanks to Mayor Humdinger. 


Wally is Cap’n Turbot’s best friend, and partner in crime is a walrus named Wally. 

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PAW Patrol Names – More Where That Came From

This article detailed the main theme and names of the characters that are most frequently seen on the popular children’s show. There are a multitude of other characters that have made appearances on the show. However, they are not as significant as the characters listed here, but you can check out the show to learn additional details.  

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