Bird Names: Tips and Guidance

You got a bird, great! Now it is time to choose a name. Luckily, there are no wrong answers when coming up with names for your new bird. 

Getting tips and suggestions can help find the perfect names for your bird. You can draw inspiration from famous people, famous birds, your own family, or the most popular bird name lists.

When naming your bird, some things to consider are longevity, birds that talk, some names’ origins, and the bird’s personality. Some birds can live up to twenty to thirty years, so make sure you have a great name that can last. 

Bird Names
Bird Names

Bird Names: How do I Choose a Name? 

How do you choose a name? Sounds simple right? Sometimes it can just come to you, but other times you need to look at some names to get inspiration. 

Picking a name can be fun, especially when you think of so many options. You can take the ironic or funny route, stick to the famous bird names, or call them a name based on the color of their feathers. Here are some tips about how to choose a name for your new bird: 

  • Famous bird names- Think about famous bird names and famous people names that could be great bird names. Do you have a favorite renowned actor or favorite movie? Do you have a favorite band with an iconic name? 
  • Personality- Think about the characters in your household and the nature of your bird. Would anyone understand the funny name? Does the funny name you are thinking of fit your bird’s character, size, or coloring? 
  • Kind of bird– Look up the type of bird you just purchased and learn some fun facts about the bird, including its genus and scientific name. 
  • More than one bird– Do you own one bird or more than one? If you have more than one, something to consider is a good name pairing or names that go well together. Names like jack and jill or batman and robin are great names for bird pairs. 
  • Gender- Think about the gender of your bird. Some unisex names cross the gender line to consider. 

Use what you know already and what you already like to help you. If something doesn’t feel right, then change your approach. Think about your bird’s personality, and let these lists and tips be a guide to help you come up with a great name.

Names Not to Choose

There are not many rules when it comes to naming your bird. You might consider avoiding some things due to the derogatory nature or making people offended. The fact is, there are so many cute and funny names even to consider naming your pet bird anything terrible. 

You might not want to name your bird after someone you know. It might get confusing when that person comes over to your house, and their name is the same as your bird. You also might not know how this particular person would react if they knew that a bird was named after them.  

Think about the irony or the jokes you are trying to get across when you name your pet bird. If you are trying to be funny, but it comes off as harmful or offensive, just avoid the name. Think about who will be interacting with the bird or coming to your house and proceed with caution. 

Any obscenities or cursing should not be considered. Depending on what kind of bird you own, some birds can learn their names and repeat them to people. If you named your bird a bad word, the bird might be repeating it repeatedly throughout the day, which might be bad for your neighbors. 

Tips When Choosing Names

You might be utterly reliant on the physical features of your bird, like the color of their feathers, the size or stature of your bird, their gender, or the way they fly around their cage. You also might be thinking about trying to learn something new about your bird. 

Think about your bird’s unique personality, your bird’s physicality, and how the name sounds. Some birds live till they are in their thirties. If the bird has a name that you are not comfortable living with for thirty years, choose another one. 

Before you rush to name your bird, think about trying to get to know your bird a little more by observing their behavior. Think about the breed and the size of your bird. If you have a small bird like a parakeet and name it Gigantor, make sure you want this humor to come across. 

How to Come up With a Bird Name 

You have done the hard part already: purchasing a bird and getting the supplies needed. Now, it is time for the fun part, choosing a name. 

During this stage in your bird’s life with you, you can learn more about its personality by observing its behavior. Naming your bird can be a necessary bonding time for you and your bird and solidify your pet/owner bond. 

When it is time to come up with a name, make sure you are thinking about a more traditional bird name, funny bird name, ironic or sarcastic bird name, etc. Here are some tips when it comes to how to choose a character: 

  • Choose a name that is not too long or difficult to understand– If the bird is teachable and can repeat words or phrases, you might want it to remember its name. 
  • Choose a name that you are comfortable with– You will have to share it with your veterinarian and your friends, so make sure you are okay with saying it out loud in public.
  • Choose a name that fits the bird– For inspiration, look up the breed and the scientific name. You can also learn a little about this particular breed’s history by simply doing a google search. 
  • Think about how long the bird might live- Look up your bird’s life expectancy and think about the name in terms of how long you will have to call the bird by this particular name. 
  • If it doesn’t fit, choose another name– You can take your time choosing a name for your bird. Just remember to choose one that feels right. 

There are thousands of bird names that people have come up with and named their birds in the past. You have a lot to choose from, so don’t be scared to try out different names on your bird. 

How to Teach Your Bird Its Name  

After you have named your bird, take a few days to let your bird get accustomed to its environment. Chances are, they are a little wary of this new change and need to get comfortable in their new habitat. Letting your bird get comfortable will also give you a chance to bond further with your bird. 

So you have come up with a great name. Now, you can teach the bird their name by training them and bonding with them. Usually, some kind of food reward system works but make sure you follow these steps correctly. 

First, get several treats in your hand. Say your bird’s name and give them a treat after saying it. Repeat this process but do not overfeed your bird. 

Continue this for fifteen-minute training sessions. Now your bird is accustomed to hearing their name and then immediately getting a treat. By giving them a treat, you are positively reinforcing the behavior. They will start repeating you after several training sessions. 

Will My Bird Recognize Their Name? 

Your bird will recognize its name if you train them to. Animals have different kinds of motivators, and one of them is treats. 

Use a treat like sunflower seeds or fruit (something different from the food they get every day), say your bird’s name, and immediately give them a treat. This way, they can hear the name and instantly get rewarded. 

After your bird sees you doing this over and over again, day after day, they will start recognizing the name and then anticipate a positive reinforcement (treat). 

It might take some time and practice on your part, but training your bird can also be a great bonding session and motivate you to teach them more tricks. Make sure you are making it fun and consistently doing it every day so that your bird starts to recognize its name. 

What is in a Name? Most Popular Lists

While some bird names might sound cheesy, others are historical and sometimes have hidden meanings. Look at this list of popular lists with different names for birds to draw more inspiration. 

Depending on your bird’s personality and what kind of name you want for your bird, you probably will be looking up some lists of bird names. There are several different categories of words. Here are some of the groups you will see: 

  • Male bird names– Not always masculine; some can be male or female. 
  • Female bird names– Not super feminine but can be cute and cuddly names
  • Names for different species– Parrots might need a different name than a parakeet
  • Cute and funny names– Names like Precious and Sugarplum are cute but can be funny names as well 
  • Barnyard bird names– Chickens and Roosters have many different personalities than house birds. 
  • Tropical Bird Names– Names like kiwi and coconut can be great tropical bird names and wouldn’t fit with other kinds of birds. 
  • Famous bird names– Birds have been starring in TV shows and movies for a long time. Names like Tweety Bird and Big Bird come to mind. 
  • Famous people with names that are also good names for birds– If you have a famous actor, musician, or actress in mind, you can name your bird after them. Ensure it is not the same name as someone you know, or add the famous last name to your bird to differentiate. 
  • Names for pairs of birds– If you have a couple of birds or already had a b, you can name them together. Names like Jack and Jill, Peanut Butter and Jelly, or Abbott and Costello go together perfectly. 
  • Most popular bird names– There is always a most popular bird name list. Still can’t think of a word? Look to this list to help you decide. 

Sometimes, you have to see bird names’ lists to inspire you to choose the right one for you and your bird. These are some of the most popular lists. Searching for a name by category is more accessible than trying to figure it all out on your own.  

Male Bird Names 

Male bird names do not have to be masculine. When you name your male bird, think about its life expectancy compared to other pets. 

Whether it is a funny name, a family name, a gender-neutral name, or a cute name, make sure it fits your bird’s personality. Here are some of the most popular names for male birds 

  • Rocky- If your bird likes to climb the famous Philly steps in that movie, this is the perfect name for your bird, just kidding. 
  • Jack- This is a pretty iconic name, even for a baby boy. 
  • Shadow- A perfect name for an African Gray Parrot. 
  • Griffin- This refers to a mythical birdlike creature called a Griffin.
  • Charlie- like Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (think bright orange coat or brown fur for chocolate). 
  • Feathers- This is a pretty familiar name for a boy or a girl bird.  
  • Paulie- This could go well for a parakeet with alliteration in the name “Paulie the Parakeet.”
  • Chippy- if your bird is very chirpy and talks a lot, this might be a good name for it.
  • Scout- This is one of the most famous names for a boy bird. 
  • Romeo- A funny bird trick is blowing kisses. If you want to teach your bird how to blow kisses, this is an excellent name for your bird. 
  • Petey- Petey is a great name for any small male bird 
  • Rusty- If your bird is a reddish color, this is a perfect name for your bird. 

Some of these names can be interchangeable between male and female bird names. They are all pretty unique and can be taught to the bird because of their one or two syllables and simple structure. 

Female Bird Names

Just like the male bird names, female bird names do not have to be cute or girly. These names can be based on a bird’s physical features. Think about color, size, or feathers. Many birds have several different color feathers. Female birds can also be named for their personality or after a famous bird. 

Some of these bird names are very recognizable and can be taught to the bird easily after naming them. Here are some of the most popular girl bird names: 

  • Goldie- If your bird has gold or yellow feathers and you love the Golden Girls, this name is perfect. It is also an accessible name to train your bird to say
  • Cleo- This name just looks pretty mysterious and Egyptian. Cleo also sounds a little like a cat’s name but can be a great bird’s name as well. 
  • Sunny- If your bird loves to sunbathe and is the color of the sun, this name is great. This can also be a hint to your bird’s bright personality. 
  • Coco- Coco has become more and more popular because of the movie, but it is a bird’s trendy name. It can be a reference to coconut or another tropical fruit. 
  • Ruby- This is an excellent name for a bird that is either all red or has some bright red features. Ruby is an iconic name and has some popular culture references (the Ruby song) 
  • Sage- Like to cook? Sage might be an excellent name for your bird if your bird is the color of sage.  
  • Sweet Pea– This would be a perfect name for a green bird or who has green features on its feathers. Imagine a bird saying sweet pea over and over again.
  • Peaches- For the orange bird, this is a great name. 
  • Daisy- Is your bird white with some yellow? This name is perfect for highlighting some of these physical features. 
  • Ethel- Did you inherit an older bird, or do you enjoy more seasoned names like Ethel? This name and others like it, such as Mildrid and Bonnie, are coming back in style. 
  • Lilly- This is a popular baby girl’s name as well. If you have a white bird with some pretty coloring, this could be an excellent name for your bird. 
  • Zoe- Zoe is easy for a bird to remember and chirp. It is also an excellent girl bird name. 

Whichever female bird name you choose, make sure it fits your bird’s personality. Also, think about how long your female bird might live and if you want to hear your bird repeat their name. 

Names for Different Species

If you want to name your bird based on their species, such as African Gray Parrots, budgerigar, cockatiel, cockatoos, canary, Amazon parrot, finch, macaw, or parakeet, think about what makes your bird unique. Look up the species of bird as well and find out new information. 

  • African Gray Parrot names: Silver, Ghost, Skye, Lilac, Dusty
  • Budgerigar (Budgie) names: Crystal, Wendy, Bobo, Chip, Buster, Lucky, Rowan
  • Cockatiel names: Goldie, chickpea, feathers, chirp, 
  • Cockatoo names: Kiki, Blanche, Alice, Apollo, Lucky, Dexter, 
  • Canary words: Pepe, Baby, Floyd, Lester, Pete, Sunny
  • Amazon Parrot names Sasha, Charlie, Sparky, Harry, Sony, Chirpy, Pearly, 
  • Finch names: Coco, Buddy, Snuggles, Marley, Jax, 
  • Macaw names: Kiwi, Tango, Rainbow, Coco, Charlie
  • Parakeet names: Charlie, Buddy, Angel, Puffy, Mojo, Sky

When choosing a name for your bird, if you are getting inspiration from their species, think about what makes their personality shine. If they are talkative, think about making their name cute to repeat it. If they are bright and colorful, name them something like rainbow or kiwi. 

Remember, there are no wrong names for naming your new pet bird. Make sure you are thinking about how many letters are in the name so that when you try to teach the bird their names, it is not confusing for them. 

Cute and Funny Names

With any animal, there will always be cute and funny names. If your personality and the people who live in your house understand cute and funny names, then this might be the right path when choosing your new pet bird’s name. 

Some names are a little “punny” or funny with a pun. Some names are just plain cute. Whatever it might be, here is a list of some of the funniest and cutest names that you can name your bird: 

  • Quakers
  • Rambo
  • Macho
  • Peep
  • Doodles
  • Waddles
  • Chicky
  • Strut
  • Mr. Beaks
  • Pretty Boy
  • Feathers

Some names are funny because they don’t make sense for the bird when you look at them. Think about seeing a tiny parakeet named Macho or Rambo. It is weird because it is cute and doesn’t make sense. 

Barnyard Bird Names 

Barnyard birds like ducks, chickens, or roosters need names too. It has also become more popular to keep chickens inside city limits to access fresh eggs, so more people are buying chickens. 

Some of these names speak for themselves, while others need a little more explanation. Here are some excellent barnyard animal names: 

  • Cluckers- Clucks a lot or makes a lot of noise. 
  • Lady- This animal is too cool for the barnyard and struts around the chicken coop. 
  • Feathers- The bird has many feathers or spends her days pruning her feathers. 
  • Big Red– This is a trendy rooster name. 
  • Flap- A bird that likes to flap its wings and strut needs this name.  
  • Speedy- If your barnyard animal is faster than all of the rest, this might be the correct name. 
  • Chicky- A chick is a baby chicken. Chicky could be a name for a smaller chicken.
  • Clucky- A name for a chicken who likes to cluck or make noise. 
  • Peep- A name for a chicken with a high voice or a whispery voice. 
  • Penny- This is an adorable name for a chicken or a duck. 

Whatever you choose, pick a name that will differentiate one from another. That way, it will be easier to know who has gotten out of the coop or needs to be separated from the other hens. 

Tropical Bird Names

Tropical birds are much different than barnyard animals and deserve other names. They are bright and colorful. They even have slightly different “chirps.” 

Tropical Bird
Tropical Bird Names

Names like Kiwi, Rainbow, Sunny, and Coco come to mind when thinking about tropical bird names. Here are some other famous names for your tropical bird:  

  • Jewel
  • Paulie
  • Squeak
  • Polly
  • Chatterbox
  • Jelly Bean

Tropical birds can be very loud, and some parrots can live to be 80 years old. Parrots are also brilliant and can learn how to speak sentences. Pick a great name that these tropical beauties enjoy and deserve. 

Famous Bird Names

Famous bird names from television shows, movies, and books are trendy to name birds today. There are so many more animated series or films with popular birds in them. 

Here are some of the most popular famous birds: 

  • Screech
  • Peewee
  • Puff Daddy
  • Coco
  • Rio
  • Blu
  • Paulie
  • Tweetie
  • Big Bird
  • Hal
  • Iago
  • Hedwig 

These names are very well known. If you are a fan of one of the shows that have these birds in them, go ahead and try it out. You can always change the name if it doesn’t fit. 

Famous People Names That Also Happen to Be Good Bird Names

If you have a famous singer or actor that you adore, you might want to think about naming your bird after that person. Remember that it is your bird and your environment. 

If you want to name your Parakeet Keanu, go for it. If you’re going to call your parrot Leo, what stops you? Think about the band or actor/actress that you adore. People name their kids after famous people, so why not birds? 

Names for Pairs of Birds

If you have two birds of a feather that you want to name as a pair, this is the list for you. Think about the famous best friends, sidekick, superhero, food combination, siblings, or husband and wife. 

There are so many famous pairings that you have endless possibilities. If you have the perfect pair in mind, go ahead and try it out or check out this list below. 

  • Mickey and Minnie Mouse 
  • Peanut and Butter
  • Bert and Ernie
  • Biscuits and Gravy
  • Ben and Jerry
  • Chip and Dale
  • Jack and Jill
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Starsky and Hutch
  • Henny and Penny 
  • Batman and Robin 

The combinations are endless. If you have two birds, this is such a great idea, and your birds will be lucky to be paired with a legendary variety. 


Bird names can be hard to think of when you just purchased a pet and have so many other things on your mind. Luckily, there are a lot of different possibilities. There are no wrong answers for your choice, and be smart about your decision. 


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